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September 21 2017

  Wszystko było takie niedokończone.
— Janusz Leon Wiśniewski - Arytmia uczuć
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September 20 2017

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Stunning Macabre Porcelain China by Yvonne Angioletti Will Get You In The Mood for Halloween

Inspired by steampunk fashion, designer Yvonne Angioletti incorporates vintage and high-quality porcelain with quirky hand-drawn illustrations. Adorned in typical Victorian fashion with gold trims, floral patterns and pastel colors, such as sky blue and pink, the adorable teacups and plates create a whimsical atmosphere.

Inspired by the macabre beauty of skulls, bugs, insects and floral patterns, Angioletti stamps the dainty sets with a contrasting image to create a beautiful showpiece. The paradox between sophistication and the grim creates intriguing and unique pieces.

Kiln-fired at temperatures between 1300 and 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, each manual drawing is bonded perfectly to permanently remain on the surface, regardless of use. You can find her entire macabre collection here!

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You intoxicated me. It was just as though you were making me love you by some invisible force.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald (via quotemadness)
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